White hat Link Building. No PBN, No Link Farms. 100 percent Manual Outreach.

About Us

You Cheetah is a link building company founded to help small and big companies alike. We offer 100 percent white hat, white label link building services to our clients: no PBN’s, NO BS automated links, or any type of link building that can harm your website. We are the cheetahs of link building. And yes, we are best at what we do. We do not offer plenty of services as we focused on link building. The only thing we do is link building.  

How does our company work?

The working of our company is straightforward. You can do it too! If you have the time and resources. However, if you have more money than a time, this is where we come in. We simply outreach to other websites and help you secure the link. Our process is 100 percent manual. We do not own those websites, and we have no link farms. PBN or any shady things like that. We believe in 100 percent transparency and quality. We want you to succeed and to keep you as a customer. 

Step 1

You place the order with us by choosing the Domain Authority of your choice. Most outreach companies max out at DA 50+ (don’t trust us, do the research). However, we all about the quality we don’t max out. We can even help you secure the links from DA 90+ websites.

What is Domain Authority?

The Domain authority is the scale that has been developed by Moz. It is an evaluation that how much the website worth in terms of authority. The higher the DA, the better it will rank on Google. The range starts from 1-100. The higher DA is always preferable to get, the higher rankings.


Suppose you want to rank for “best drones.” And,  you have created a lovely blog post about it. Now you are waiting for the search engines to pick it up and give you the ranking you deserve. Well, you can stay in that limbo and pray that someday Google and other search engines will notice your content and will give you rankings.

However, In reality, this is not how it works. You need link building here. There are so many factors that come into play. And having the best content is just a start.

The Google and Search engine does not rank the blog, websites, and stores solely based on content quality. They also count in the authority, and to build authority, you need backlinks from authoritative sites.

Well, we provide one of the best link building services. The do-follow backlinks will help you stand out from the competition. We are here to help you overshadow your competition.


You have provided us the “keyword” and the page, post, or website you are trying to rank for. We will now check out the page and keyword you want to rank for. Our coalition of writing cheetahs will start writing content that is highly targeted and relevant to your niche.


Step 3

The editors will check the quality of the content.



After editing team approval, the article will reach our outreach team.


Outreach team will Start pitching the content to the relevant niche you are trying to rank for. We used the example of best drones. So, Our outreach team will contact the websites in the drone niche. After many attempts and heartbreaks, they will manage to get a post published on the website with the Domain Authority you have chosen.  

How long will it take?

We try to complete the process within 30-40 days. As it is entirely manual outreach, it takes time. We do not have any link farms, and PBN’S so, you need to be patient. But, We think the fruit of your patience will be tasty.


We outreach to 100 people. The 25 opened the email. Only 5 responded, and 1 company agreed upon publishing our article. So, when we do that on a large scale, we manage to get some excellent results. You can do that too all by yourself, but we think using our services will be a more comfortable choice.

Are links permanent?

Yes, our links are not some rental links or “sponsored links.” They are 100 percent natural links with no sponsor and promoted tags. From our end, it is permanent, but we cannot control the external websites. If they take it down or that blog or website shuts down. Reach out to us, and we will gladly replace the link for you. It is a rare thing that the link will be taken down. As we reach well-established websites that have juicy link building profiles.

Are all links Do-Follow?

Yes, all the links we help you build are do-follow. However, upon your request, we can negotiate with the linking website to make it no-follow.

Is link building simple?

Building quality links are not a simple thing. You need to grind to get the people to make you notice. Thanks to our outreach team. They have developed the skills and relationships that help in securing the links.

Do you pay the other websites for links?

This is the shadiest thing to do. No, we do not pay the other bloggers and website for placing our content. We provide valuable content and build relationships with them. If they see the content’s value, they happily link back to the URL we provide them, And that URL would be Yours.

Why Charge us if you don’t pay for the outreach?

Well, we charge for our time. As time is money. We do not charge for placing links. We charge for the effort our team put. You can see our pricing. They are the same for everyone. We do not quote things separately. You Cheetah is an agency that treats every customer with respect, and we don’t think our pricing is too high. We honestly offer outstanding value.

About CEO

If Content is the King, Then our links are queen. The king is nothing without the right queen 😉.

Hi, My name is Rehan. I founded this company to genuinely help other bloggers, small businesses, and large enterprises by offering link building services. There is horrible advice out there. Some do offer sound advice, and some offer nothing but enticing sales pitches. I am a blogger myself and using the same link building services on my own blog. So, the quality you will get via our services will be top-notch. We are not the company that is going to offer services that we do not use for ourselves. My honest advice and experience are that backlinks were, are, and will be the major factor in determining your Search engine rankings.

Why You Cheetah?

The Cheetah is the fastest animal on land, and I truly admire them. SO, that’s why you can see that my whole company revolves around Cheetah. It’s not only admiration; they are endangered species thanks to our way of living. But do you know there are people out there who are genuinely helping the cheetahs? So, I have decided to name my link building company “You Cheetah” for two reasons. I love helping people. They are “you,” and I love helping “Cheetahs,” so I came up with youCheetah.

For every link built via our services, the percentage from the profits will be donated to Cheetah and needy people around the world. It will cost you nothing. I will be paying that from my own pocket. But, my pockets will be filled by you guys so, know that 😉 you will be the one that is helping the cause. My thanks in advance to you, fellas.